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We live in a very fast paced world where it is so easy to be consumed by what we see on social media, tv and in magazines. I believe in creating portraits that will outlive the trends on Facebook, Instagram and the lifetime of your computer's hard drive. I could spend hours talking about the amazing acid free- and archival paper and ink I use for your photo album and prints, but rather talk about why you should document those special moments in life, even if it is “just” a birthday party. Because the photos you invest in today will still be with you many, many years from now. Facebook won’t, and neither will Instagram. Your photos from your wedding day are worth so much more than a couple posts on social media - you are not only investing in artwork for yourself, you are investing in preserving a piece of your life for your children and future generations many, many years from now. That is why I like to photograph all those little moments that matter during a wedding day - that smile your grandmother has on her face when she sees you in your wedding dress the first time, or the tear running down your father’s proud face as he walks you down the aisle. Moments that will mean even more for you to have captured 20, 30 and even 50 years from today!

The Photographer

Hello, my name is Caroline! I grew up in the northern part of Sweden where the sun NEVER sets during summertime, and where the northern lights play on the dark skies at night during the (long) chilly winters. I have always found beauty in all of the four seasons and I was early on smitten by the art of photography and the concept of capturing a brief moment in time and keeping it forever. Almost all my photography sessions are outdoors for this same reason. I take advantage of that gorgeous natural light and beautiful foliage we have here in New England and create art that could not be produced in a studio. I can almost guarantee you that you will hear me say “Oh look at this gorgeous light, we have to stop here for photos” at least once during your session.

I moved from Sweden to Boston in 2011, and what was supposed to be a short adventure abroad ended up being the beginning of a new life here in the United States. I got my Bachelor of Science in Photography from The New England Institute of Art in Boston and today I spend all my waking time producing customized portrait art for clients throughout the US and Internationally (hello you, destination wedding couple!).

When I am not photographing everything and everyone in front of me, you might find me: 1) traveling near and far 2) eating tacos  3) spending hours browsing home décor online and in thrift shops, or 4) fueling my creative side with various DIY-projects and home renovations 5) spoiling my rescue pup Lou with homemade dog food and cuddles

The session & in-person meeting

I know that most of us are not used to posing and smiling in front of a photographer, and I understand if you may be a little nervous about posing and “what do do with your hands”. My photography sessions are relaxed and not rushed as I strive to capture the uniqueness and personality of every single person and couple I meet. To make sure we create the kind of portraits you are looking for, each session includes a complimentary pre-consultation meeting in which we discuss the vision of the session, outfits and talk about different options for location. I have a lot of tips and tricks to share on how to put together the perfect color-coordinated family outfit and much more you may want to know.

If you have any questions or better yet ideas for a session you would like to do, please send me an email and I will get back to you as soon as I can. I am very much looking forward to hearing from you!


The 2015 AiME Award for "The Constructed"
The 2015 NEiA Award for "Outstanding Photographic Achievement"

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